Our Trading Room

Trading room activity

The room is live and on the air 28 hours a week.

During these hours, our seasoned team of nostro traders share their expert knowledge live with thousands of others.

Before each trading day, our trader team prepares a list of stocks to track and buy in real time.

The trades are made using real money and the traders’ accounts are transparent for everyone to see.

Through the trading room, you’ll be able to take a peek behind the scenes and see exactly how professional traders think, analyze and implement their best strategies.

Smart risk management

It makes no sense that while companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and others have risen steadily by hundreds of percentage points over the years, more than 90% of traders have lost money.

You may have heard this before.

But what’s the main reason for it?

How come the standard deviation is not more… normal?

We at BIG-SHOT want to change the equation.

One of the first things you’ll learn on our training program is exactly why most people don’t make it in the stock market and how you can beat the odds through proper risk management and sticking to a well-thought-out work plan.

Before you begin any transaction, you’ll know how much money you’re willing to risk versus the profit you can expect to make.

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online trading courses
trading courses online

To begin trading on the stock market without a clear work plan, adequate knowledge, guidance and hands-on practice is a sure recipe for failure.

trading courses online
online trading courses
trading courses

For example, we’ll never get into a deal that is set to make less than double our risk.

In other words, we’ll risk $50 only if we’re set to make at least $100.

A common mistake by beginners without proper training is to risk $150 to make only $50.

Without adequate risk management, you can quickly lose money on Wall Street.

Stock trading is considered risky. That’s why we focus on mental discipline throughout the training program, especially during our practice in the trading room.

You’ll receive a well-thought-out work plan and stick to clear, pre-defined rules.

You and the other students will then practice this in the virtual trading room with our team of traders.

The first step towards success in stock trading is proper risk management that is tailored to your character and trading style.

Picking out the right stock

There are so many stocks to choose from. More than 10,000 stocks are traded on Wall Street every single day – which means that there are more than 10,000 companies to choose from. And with just a quick press of a button you can become a part-owner of one of these companies and take a share in their profits.

Remember, a share is a security which gives you partial ownership in a company.

So which company would you like to be a partial owner of today?

As a new trader, it’s important to understand which stocks will make the greatest shift in your favor.

So after you learn to master risk management, the next stage will be to pick out the right stocks. During training, we’ll learn to sort through and filter stocks using 20 different criteria. Through sophisticated filters, we’ll find the stock that’s best suited to you.

As community leaders, our trader team’s main task is to help you identify the right stocks – before they make a major shift – right at the beginning of each trading day.

Each day, our team of traders in our virtual trading room identify several high-potential stocks to track. To identify these stocks, the team and students use state-of-the-art scanning tools, risk management software, financial websites; they study stock price patterns, locate and identify trading bots, etc. We know first-hand from years of experience that in order to pave out a clear path and direction and avoid being lured by high-risk stocks, it’s essential to prepare ahead of each trading day

The world’s greatest stock scanner

BIG-SHOT’s trader community is Israel’s largest trading room.

Each day, our virtual trading room hosts hundreds of traders who have completed BIG-SHOT’s training program.

To give the novice trader the best and most supportive environment, we operate a study trading room – in which you can hone your newly-acquired skills using a demo trading account. In addition to this we also operate a separate, real-world, professional trading room.

During the trading room’s live broadcast, students can follow the numerous transactions taking place and consult with the qualified investment advisor, who is present in the trading room at all times.

If you want to learn what goes on behind the scenes on Wall Street every day – you’ll find no better place than BIG-SHOT’s trading room.

A day in BIG-SHOT’s professional trading room

When trading begins

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday, 3pm to 10pm CET (East Coast trading hours). Identifying stocks to invest in – using advanced scanners. Market overview – financial announcements and global events calendar.

During trading hours

Follow the trading accounts of the BIG-SHOT trading team members. Real-time deal analysis – fully transparent trading.Detailed explanations of each trade – ongoing learning from successes and failures.

When trading ends

Analysis of the deals on the table that day. Analysing trading statistics and meeting targets. Learning and drawing conclusions from the trading day.Preparing for the next.