Liron Lev

U.S Market Trader
Experience :
5 years as an independent trader in the U.S. Market

As a trader, I conduct market research, gather information and identify various market trends, both political, social and more.

Most of my time I do Swing Trading  by combining market & trend research with technical analysis. Swing Trades  are my favorite one :)

In my Portfolio i do my best to combine it all - Long term / Mid term and of course Day Trade.

I usually work with Pre & After Market in order to take advantage of the News, especially during the Financial Reports period. 


Before joining Big Shot I traded independently for about 5 years.

Looking back, everything I did  before becoming a Full Time Trader in the capital market was an excellent preparation for my occupation today, I have always been interested in Trading.

Joining Big Shot gave me the opportunity to share my point of view in Our Trading Room while getting the honour of working with the best Traders I have ever met!

No day goes by in our Trading Room without Learning more & more from each other’s knowledge and experience in Big Shot.


Day Trade
Technical Analytics
Risk Management


B.A. Economics & Business Management,

         Finance internship; graduated with highest honour.

MBA Specialization in Strategy & Innovation, Tel Aviv University

          Business Data Analytics – Tel Aviv University


During my previous positions I have gained a lot of experience as an Economist and Financial Analyst in large companies.

I was involved in large and significant projects that shaped the management of the pension market.

I have teached a lot during my studies and even after, I have always found the training profession to be very satisfying and fulfilling. Joining BigShot combined another enjoyment of my life – learning and coaching.


I am Highly motivated person, with great passion for data and strong Financial & Analytical background. I am always eager to learn and explore new Techniques & Trading patterns.


I do my best to be a team player – it’s very essential while working in a Trading Room with a crazy pace like ours 🙂

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