About Us

Big Shot is owned and operated by B.G. TRADING EDUCATION. We are incorporated in Israel with our registered office located at Tel Aviv.

Big Shot provides various online classes in the field of finance. These classes include lessons and materials that can be streamed through our “Services“ page.

Big Shot aims at building a community of professional traders whose main focus is to give their lives direction through trading.

Through pre-recorded classes, training broadcasts, and supervised hands-on trading activity, a hopeful can learn the ropes around the industry. And later in life, once they have gained a foothold of the trading practice, he or she can gain financial stability and full freedom in every area of their lives.

Big Shot has created a structured process that takes its students right from the very basics to fully mastering stock trading on Wall Street.

Lasting for a good 9 months, the program is a blend of theory and practical activities under the tutelage of Gold Investment Management Ltd. Here, one can learn directly from experienced and already thriving traders.

It is Big Shot’s strong hope that an individual who would be enlisting in their program would become a force in the trading industry.