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How about taking the first step towards the financial freedom you always wanted by working just 8 hours a week from home, without having to start a new business?

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How can an ordinary person become a successful trader on a daily basis?

Thousands of people have been asking themselves that same question.Truth be told: The answer is simpler than you might think.

You only need three things:

1.Acquire the right knowledge and tools in full.

Buying a stock based on a rumor may work once, but not for the long-term.

If you don’t know enough, trading in stocks is no different than gambling. A professional, skilled trader never gambles.

2. Work according to a well-developed plan and stick to it – without taking too big a risk or getting emotional – instead, formulate and follow a well-planned strategy.

3. At first, set realistic goals of small profit per day, taking it one step at a time and trading safely. A trader who can make small profit can slowly, with the right training, double that amount in short order.

BIG-SHOT’s Training Program

Day Trading


✅ Learn the strategies – how to pick out the winning stocks?

✅ What criteria should you look for in each stock?

✅ What are the warning signs you should keep an eye on?

✅ How do you build a work plan?

✅ Matching the trading strategy to the trader’s unique character.

✅ Risk management.

✅ Learning strategies to optimise your timing.

Swing trading

Short- to mid-term

✅ Learn the market’s structure – by sectors and types of operations.

✅ Learn about the various investment options.

✅ Learn several investment strategies, all of which have been tested and polished by our trader team over a long period of time, and which significantly increase the potential for profit.

✅ Learn to come up with trading ideas for each situation (up or down).

Value investing


✅ Learn strategies for building a winning investment portfolio.

✅ Learn strategies for managing the portfolio wisely over time.

✅ Learn to analyze the company’s business activity, its financial statements and results, in comparison to the competitors.

There are three main trading styles in the capital market.

Research shows that fully understanding the three trading styles significantly increases the novice trader’s chances of success. That’s why we’ve decided to combine all styles, in an effort to provide you with the broadest, most effective toolbox.

We take you by the hand 28 hours a week

Our trading room is operated by investment house Gold Investment Management Ltd., a regulated firm licensed to provide investment advice and portfolio management services, in cooperation with BIG-SHOT.

Each day, our trading room brings Wall Street right into your living room or home office. Every trading day, you will receive all the data, interpretations, analysis and information about the hottest, most interesting stocks to follow.

Our trading room is like a compass in the desert. At any time during your trading day, we’ll work together and figure out which direction to go and exactly which path to take.

“Our ultimate goal is to train 10,000 profitable traders who will make their living trading in securities on a daily basis, making their own dreams come true instead of someone else’s.”

Are you going to be one of them?

Beginner and Professional Trading Courses

Forex is not a company or an enterprise, but a market with many participants: banks, brokers and individual traders – where the rules of the game are extremely simple and clear: you make progress by choosing what markets interest you or close to your heart. Absolutely everyone cannot earn in the market – someone must lose. And here everything depends on you, on your knowledge and intuition – if you guess/predict the change correctly, then you earn money, if not – you will find yourself at a loss.

People who begin to show interest in trading initially wonder: how can one learn to trade? After all, stock trading is a highly intelligent business that can generate large profits with the right investment. Your earnings are in your hands.

Traders are not taught in universities. They can master the basics of trading by following several pathways. First, you can choose the “trial and error path”. A novice trader immediately opens an account and, hoping for success, tries to earn. In most cases, such attempts only lead to the loss of money. Secondly, you can take trading courses, gaining knowledge of the market and training on virtual models.

Today, there is a huge number of such courses, including online trading courses. Learning costs money, but in comparison with the first “bitter experience” of gaining knowledge, it is much cheaper. Traders who want to seriously engage in trading should be familiar with the secret practices of profitable transactions and be willing to invest into an acquisition of this knowledge from the best trading courses.

Why Take Online Trading Courses?

Today, there are many manuals, video tutorials and literature on the topic of trading. But not all of them give the necessary knowledge, and many even, let’s not be afraid of this word, are harmful because they fill your head with nonsense. Thus, one needs to turn to the best online trading courses that offer their potential students to complete a program, which includes:

  • Basics of trading for newbies;
  • Studying of the modern financial instruments used for trading;
  • Demonstration of how to use effective strategies for trading;
  • Formation of understanding of trading psychology, etc.

The knowledge and approaches that are presented in trading courses are created and applied daily by successful traders, so you can be sure that the information you learn is relevant.

We know, on the one hand, how to teach a beginner to trade, and on the other, how to satisfy the wishes of a professional trader, who needs an exchange of experience and new approaches to the current market.

What to Expect from Trading Courses Online?

The main objectives and goals of trading online courses include:

  • Prepare independent traders who can conduct a knowledgeable trading activity;
  • Work out a theory of effective strategies and also study their application in practice;
  • Develop an ability to earn and receive a steady income from trading.

Thanks to online trading courses, you can also become successful, a professional in your field and gain self-confidence. The acquired knowledge will allow to easily navigate the modern markets no matter if you are an experienced trader and only started to dive into the whole trading subject. Anyone can take trading courses online at convenient for them place and time and get a chance to change their life for better.

Training for Beginners

For beginners, step-by-step trading courses are created from scratch, so that you can get all the relevant information in one place from existing traders. You will receive a structured basic knowledge of trading.

  • Where to begin?
  • What platforms to use and how?
  • How much to deposit?
  • What are some of the effective trading strategies?
  • How to become steady in the first stage, when everything is confusing?

Online trading courses are crucial for beginners for a powerful start and a solid foundation in trading work. Training program will allow you to competently and systematically approach the study of a new field of activity – trading from the very first days. The course will provide a solid base from which a trader can build a successful career.

Training for Experienced Traders

Traders who already have some experience will find new ideas and approaches to today’s market and examples of current strategies from successful traders. The training programs are designed for different levels of training and are suitable both for experienced traders who need to advance their basic strategies and professional traders who know that there are no boundaries to trading knowledge and experience.

Experienced traders can learn to apply the most appropriate trading strategy for them and make their trading more profitable because trading online courses are created by traders for traders. It is valuable for those traders who are tired of experiencing a loss, trampling near zero, and being satisfied with a small profit.

Trading courses will give a maximum of practical knowledge that will need to be adapted to your strategy. Only you can make your strategy work better for your situation and these courses will teach you how.

If you are reentering the trading activities or an experienced trader who wishes to expand your knowledge of the market, then you can also take advantage of more advanced online trading courses. These courses are designed taking into account the latest market development trends and their main goal is to gradually approach the study of the market in the illiquid period, study of strategies, tools, analysis, risk management, the psychology of the trader and other interesting and necessary for trading information.


With a small amount, you can get quite prestigious and profitable work, the development of which in case of a financial crisis and its consequent income reduction will not be surplus. In any case, trading can be an additional income and later become the main income.

You are a beginner trader – trading courses will teach you a unique trading system, the essence of which is an understanding of the market cycles development processes, expressed in price dynamics.

You are an experienced trader and are tired of fighting for profit, want to get real pleasure from trading based on understanding the structure of the market and a variety of trading strategies and algorithms, then trading online courses will also be worthy your time and effort.